Soo Jin Lee

Ph.D. / CEO

Dr. Lee is highly experienced in drug discovery and management for pharmaceutical research and development. She has over twenty years of experience in small molecule drug discovery and capability of development including her career in Joong Wae Pharma. Corp. which was her responsible for successful several novel target drug discovery program. With comprehensive knowledge of Aptamer science, she initiated novel concept of Aptamer-Drug program which is now one of the core platform of Aptabio. Based on scientific background she has established AptaBio Therapeutics in 2009 and now serving as the CEO.

Sung Hwan Moon

Ph.D., President / CSO

Dr Moon has over 30 years of experience in the Pharmaceutical industry primarily in research and development Leadership. His experience as a Vice-president of Beijing Hanmi/Research Director has provided him great understanding and experience of how to build and structure research organizations for optimal performance. Prior to that, Dr. Moon served as the R&D Director of C&C Institute, a Korea based Roche Chugai -JW Pharm joint pharmaceutical research Institute dedicated to the development of innovative drugs. He has a passion for creating a research model that exploring first in class novel therapeutics to provides medications to patients.