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Platform Technology Based First-in-class
New Drug Development Company

AptaBio Co., Ltd. was established in 2009 as a biopharmaceutical company that develops platform based innovative first-in-class innovative drugs for intractable diseases. In the company name, 'Apta' means 'too fit' in Greek, and we are committed to develop new drugs with the hope that the drugs developed by AptaBio are well suited to patients.

We have two core platform technologies. The first core technology, 'hNOX HTS Assay', is being used to develop new drugs for diabetic complications by controlling the NOX (NADPH oxidase) which is involved in production of reactive oxidative stress (ROS). The second core technology, 'Aptamer-drug conjugate (Apta-DC) platform', is to develop new drugs to treat incurable cancer diseases with high unmet medical needs. We are doing our best to develop various competitive pipelines in the global market and aims to be a global company.


NOX Platform Apta-DC Platform
Our Approach

NOX Platform

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The NOX inhibitor platform has developed a high-level hNOX separation technology using Drosophila and by using this technology we have developed into a high-speed mass screening (HTS) system based on the world’s first hNOX activity By expressing the each hNOX enzymes (NOX1, NOX2, NOX3, NOX4, NOX5, DUOX1, and DUOX2) in the Drosophila line, selectivity and specificity are increased so that enables to screen the compounds quickly and cost effectively. In general, under consistent hyperglycemic and hypertensive condition, overexpression of NOX enzyme result in excessive production of reactive oxygen species (ROS), causing oxidative stress and tissue damage. Our APX derivatives effectively inhibit NOX overexpression, thereby regulating the production of ROS, which has the mechanism to treat diabetic complications such as diabetic nephropathy, diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, NASH, and arteriosclerosis.

Our Approach

Apta-DC Platform

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The Apta-DC platform is the world's first original concept and can be easily expandable with fundamental based technology that fuses G-quadruplex aptamers with therapeutic anti-cancer drugs. In case of cancer, a specific protein called nucleolin is overexpressed on the surface of cancer cells. This unique G-quadruple aptamer developed by our company has excellent binding affinity to nucleolin not effecting the normal cells but selectively penetrates only into cancer cells and inhibits the proliferation of cancer cells (Cytostatic effect). At the same time, the cytotoxic drug enters nucleus again and induces the apoptosis of cancer cells. As a result of this mechanism, Apta-DC complex can be used for development of various anticancer drugs as a useful technique for developing anticancer drugs that have a strong anti-cancer effect and significantly reduced side effects and overcome drug resistance.


Aptabio Therapeutics, Inc. focuses on research and development of diabetic complications and intractable cancer drugs. We are developing drugs for major indications based on the NOX inhibitor discovery platform and Apta-DC platform technology. The company's platform technology and pipeline status are as follows

Diabetic Complications

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